The company Imran LTD, further limited liability company "International Marketplace" (International Marketplace LLC) was created on the basis of clearly formulated mission and peremptory vision of strengths. The main idea of the project is that any person in the world, who is not even familiar with the topic of building and facing materials, could go to the portal and get the maximum amount of offers that meet the request of the end user.

The ceramic industry continuously improves production processes, applying the latest technology, therefore one of the main tasks of our portal is to inform the buyer about the best, progressive products from porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, mosaic and natural stone. In search of such information, the customer can spend many hours, and the Imran marketplace automates this process and shortens the time to several minutes.

The main values of the company are innovations that bring satisfaction to customers and profit to dealers, wholesalers. Imran LTD is a project that gives a huge perspective to suppliers and investors, and, most importantly, high-quality building material to buyers.