International marketplace Imran - the only site of its kind that has no analogues, which covers the world market of ceramic products and building materials made of natural stone. There are more than 1,000 manufacturing plants and 100,000 companies that sell pottery and stone.

This service takes care of the quality of information on the site: all companies are carefully checked for reputation and reliability. This allows you to reduce transaction risks and build long-term business relationships.

The functionality of the portal is designed for maximum simplicity and ease of use. Customers can directly contact sellers, ask questions of interest, specify the details of the delivery, choose products at the most attractive prices.

International trade platform Imran LTD provides such a range of services during registration:

  • Ordering
  • Managing your orders;
  • Receipt of notifications of shares and discounts;
  • Placement of announcements about the readiness to buy this or that material;
  • Save the delivery address.
If the purchase of construction or finishing materials in your region is not difficult, then exclusive orders with the purchase of foreign products may be accompanied by some difficulties and delays in time.

The international marketplace Imran LTD is designed to simplify the transaction in all its subsequent business processes: information will be provided on the laws and regulations of trade in each country, on the specifics of customs clearance, etc. More details about this, see here.